Search for Final (Supplementary) Death Certificates
After a case is referred to the Coroner's Office, the Coroner has up to 6 months to determine the cause and manner of death according to the state of Ohio. In many cases, the cause and manner of death is determined within 3 months depending on the difficulty of the case and the time involved in obtaining the necessary forensic testing and documentation of events surrounding the death.

To see if a final death certificate has been completed, a user can search by the decedent’s name, funeral home or health department. If the final death certificate is issued, certified copies can be obtained from the listed health department or funeral home.

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Last NameFirst NameMid InitDate Of DeathFuneral HomeHealth DepartmentDate Mailed
ADCOXGRADYL2022-04-15Waltner SimchakStark County Health Department2022-06-08
ADKINSPAULI2022-05-20Kreighbaum-SandersCanton City Health Department2022-05-31
ADKINSDAVIDL2022-04-21Swigart-EasterllingStark County Health Department2022-05-11
ALLENM C 2022-06-17Paquelet MassillonStark County Health Department2022-07-19
ALSEPTDAVIDA2022-05-23VrabelCanton City Health Department2022-07-01
AMABELIJOSEPHM2022-05-18Gednetz- RuzekCanton City Health Department2022-08-08
AMANJOHNA2022-04-24ArnoldStark County Health Department2022-05-17
ARTISEMMANUELE2022-07-06GainesCanton City Health Department2022-07-27
BAKERWILLIAMR2022-06-23Sanders Funeral HomeStark County Health Department2022-07-13
BANKSTONANTHONYM2022-07-06Waltner-SimchakCanton City Health Department2022-07-20
BARBOZATERRYC2022-05-08VrabelStark County Health Department2022-05-12
BARKERSUSANL2022-05-08ReedCanton City Health Department2022-05-13
BEALLBRENDAJ2022-04-17BacherStark County Health Department2022-06-06
BEDDELLDAISYF2022-05-24Kreighbaum-SandersStark County Health Department2022-06-08
BENTLEYMARK 2022-07-05RhodenCanton City Health Department2022-07-27
BIRKHIMERAMBERL2022-06-17BorowskiCanton City Health Department2022-07-19
BLANKENSHIPLISA 2022-05-07ReedCanton City Health Department2022-05-27
BLOUIRSTEVEND2022-04-23ReedStark County Health Department2022-05-12
BRANNANSUSANL2022-07-21Paquelet MassillonStark County Health Department2022-07-27
BROWNTYRELLJ2022-05-22VrabelCanton City Health Department2022-06-09